I was tagged by compulsivebookworm hi, thanks!! :D
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Name: Saturday
Nickname: Sat, Day, Hodgins ((bc i’m in love wt hodgins from bones))
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5 or something?
Time Zone: UTC-08:00
What time and date is it there?: Sept. 2, Tuesday, 2 in the morning
OTPs: Clara x Tucker, Ronan x Kavinsky, Blue x Gansey, Tessa x Will, Cress x Thorne, Day x June, Athena x Odysseus, Celia x Marco, Mara x Noah, Cath x Levi, Cecily x Gabriel, Rhine x Linden, Naomi x Will, Adam x Mia, and a million more
First word to come to mind: Czerny ❤️

Last thing I said to family: “Fine.”
How many blankets do I sleep under?: just one comforter
Favorite beverage: oreo latte yaaasss

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shipping athena x ody so hard
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I was tagged by compulsivebookworm, thanks!! :)

1.) What do you think of the book you are currently reading?>
i’m not reading anything right now bc i’m so busy with school :(
2.) What is one book you have not been able to finish?
moby dick!! it was all about philosophy and other things like that and i got so bored with it.
3.) Who is your favourite book boyfriend/girlfriend?
sorry, i can’t answer this :( i can’t just pick one bc i love them all equally!!
4.) What are the 3 worst books you have read?
my name is memory, crossed, and the moon and more. sorry if others like these books, but i just couldn’t get into them.
5.) If you could be one book character who would it be, and why?
june iparis from the legend trilogy bc she’s so badass and so independent and smart and cool!!!!!!!!
6.) Why did you choose to read the last book you finished?
besides it being relatable and deep, the guy i like also leant it to me heehee
7.) What is one book that a lot of people dislike but you love?
hmmm i guess it’s epic fail by claire lazebnik
8.) What soon to be released book do you want right now?
blue lily, lily blue!!!!!!! i’m dying bc it’s taking so long to get published and i. need. to. know. what. happens. next.
9.) If you could choose to kill off one character from any book, who would it be?
i’m sorry, but it would be cassia from matched. she was actually okay in the first book, but she was so annoying during the second.
10.) What book would you love to be made into a movie adaption?
none. i’m contented with books being books bc hollywood can ruin a lot of things for readers.
11.) What is your happiest memory of reading?
when i can’t stop jumping, giggling, and crying

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you know what i hate the most???
when someone in my ship dies

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musicmyfirstluf: Happy Birthday!! X

thank you thank you!! :D



i can’t believe i’m officially 16 today!!! :o :D

but you’re a baby! happy birthday!

thank you!!!! :D

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i can’t believe i’m officially 16 today!!! :o :D

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